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50onred shows:

MAY 19th - no time left , get it away, tba @ guidos 7pm $5

MAY 22nd - august burns red, albert react, through and through, death looks promising @ 615 rex 8pm $6

JUNE 10th - down to nothing, kids like us, instilled, the decline @ muse 7pm $6

JUNE 21st - gone without a trace, bound in blood, black paper diary, tba @ muse 7pm $6

JULY 10th - internal affairs, donny brook, another way, under one flag, instilled, that was then @ muse 7pm $8

JULY 14th - scraps and heart attacks, crime in stereo, legs up, straight and alert @ muse 7pm $6

JULY 20th - from a 2nd story window, killwhitneydead, 12 looks like you, anterrabae, a love for enemies, tony danza, my undying love @ muse 6pm $8

JULY 31st - one up, still crossed, another way, see it through @ muse 7pm $7

oh yea, also....don't forget the MC6 shows and brooke's shows:

may 2 - in due time w/ others @ 615 records

may 4 - the judas cradle @ 615 records

may 5 - The Program, Armsbendback, Hawthorne Heights, Ronin @ rockettown

may 8 - MARTYR AD w/others @ 615 records

may 9 - Cursive, Darkest Hour @ exit/in

may 14 - ZAO, 12 tribes, misery signals @ rockettown

may 16 - Remembering Never, Scars of Tomorrow, Surcease (ex. MorningAgain), My Surrender @ the Muse

may 29 - Pound for Pound, Clenched Fist, Never Again @ 615 Recorrds

june 5 - Crime In Stereo, Tragic Figure (members of Agnostic Front) @ the Muse

june 7 - Dead to Fall, A Life Once Lost, Shattered Realm, Seeking Revenge @ the Muse

june 16 - Glasscasket, Reflux, Nodes of Ranvier, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Crematorium,Divider
@Blue Sky Court $8 doors 7pm sharp!

june 17 - With Honor, The Distance, Too Pure To Die, xWhere It Endsx, Never Stop the Fight @ muse
Out of town:

May 8th: That Was Then, WIBIH, others in Memphis

May 16th: Preacher Gone To Texas in Chicago

May 19th: SAS, BTBAM, Terror, TWT, 922 in Memphis

May 23rd: TWT in Memphis
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